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by Kate Hamill

Durham School of the Arts- April 2022

Director: Kristin Winchester

Production Stage Manager: Paige Thornton

Set Design: Juliet Breit

Light Design: Joseph Lambert and Evan Byers

Performance Reel

"Saw Pride and Prejudice in blackbox theater April 21 and it was dynamic to say the least.
After 10 minutes I forgot about everything I knew from reading the book or seeing the movies and just wanted to see what these characters were going to do next !
It never felt like actors delivering lines, the words just seemed to erupt out of their engagement with each other. Their body language and expression were so genuine, and natural, you could follow the story flux through the reactions of the listening characters. The characters seemed to work for their growth and it was conveyed based on their demeanor, apart from anything they said. Apparently, Kate Hamill's adaptation, along with an energetic use of "theater in the round," gave the cast the freedom to knock it out of the park. I left feeling like the last scene was when the audience had to leave but the story continued. I guess any other time I see Pride and Prejudice, it will just seem dull and uninviting - I blame you DSA Theater (but I can live with that)."

From an Audience Member! 

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